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‌VICIDIALis a comprehensive telephony management platform for Call Centers, being the most popular Open Source solution in the world, including in actuality more than 14.000 installations in more than 100 countries, where the variety of companies and organizations that confide in VICIDIAL goes from PYME’s with 5 agents to big businesses with more than 500 agents, managing their client's communication needs and producing millions of calls daily.

With VICIDIAL your agents will be able to manage both Inbound and Outbound calls, as well as incoming email and also interaction with clients through WEB CHAT. Being able to prioritize all these services through queues, your agents can efficiently meet the contact needs of your company.

VICIDIAL allows agents to log in on a web-based screen and operate by entering the various campaigns created, being able to receive calls from one or more groups (or inbound queues), while being able to make outbound calls. VICIDIAL can function as a manual, assisted and predictive ACD dialer, containing thousands of features and options available thanks to a suite of programs that are designed to interface with Asterisk Open Source PBX.

‌Dialer Principal Characteristics

  • ‌Inbound/Outbound call control

  • Controlled Outbound

  • Auto dialing / Predictive dialing / Manual dialing

  • Automatic call distribution / Call queue management

  • Web-based agent interface, pause code configuration

  • Web-based admin and monitoring

  • Conferences

  • Transfers

  • Integrated Call Recordings

  • Highly customizable statistics and reports

  • Ability to have agents operating remotely

  • Ease of growth and scalability

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  • ‌Manage call routing in a centralized form

  • Monitor performance indicators in real time through the IAMD Dashboard

  • Prioritize least-cost paths between all Gateways and other equipment in a single system and conveniently change priorities

  • Configure load balancing between multiple applications and carriers just once

  • Perform the classification of all calls in the operation, regardless of the Gateway or SBC

  • Integrate the intelligence platform for any Gateway, even from other brands

‌‌Inbound-Outbound Functionality
Call Forwarding

‌I-AMD SBC Architecture

‌The I-AMD solution is combined with the powerful features of Apolocore SBC as a core system. Apolocore I-AMD performs all security, routing, billing and other functions, in addition to providing an excellent answering machine detection function, which provides the perfect solution for a Call Center organizing and standardizing an entire interconnection with their suppliers.

Firewall - SIP - Security

‌Security system (IP Firewall


‌Whitelist/blacklist by continents and countries (GeoIP).


Firewall for SIP User-Agent management and IN/OUT dial prefixes.


‌Hide your network topology and clean up unwanted packets, network scanning and malicious packets.

‌Advanced Media Detection - IAMD

‌Early media analysis- European Standard


‌I-AMD helps achieve higher precision of call detection by determining whether the call is received by a person or an answering machine. With advanced voice recognition, the AI decides in microseconds whether to transfer to an agent or hang up the call, even before any response.


‌After response analysis - American Standard


‌I-AMD analyzes the client's response through the 200 OK and recognizes in seconds if it's an answering machine or a person, taking the correct decision for the call's transfer.


‌API WEB Cloud Integration and Management


‌Creating interconnections for many clients providing a single management interface, it handles the I-AMD capabilities and provides its clients with real time data and statistics through the web or an API dialer integration.


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IVR Uses

  • ‌‌‌Outbound calls without an agent

  • ‌‌Payment Reminders

  • ‌‌Marketing and promotional messages

  • ‌‌Telefony surveys in satisfaction, quality, experience, politics, all with appointment notifications

  • ‌‌First Contact: Transfer to agent only if option's selected by client


Dialer Cloud Services

Abstract Background

radar - agent monitoring

Hotline Consultant

Business Processes Outsourcing

For all your contact center needs

we are there to support you every step of the way

  • We can ensure server installation is conducted properly

  • We can build a database and construct a VICIdial dialer for your needs

  • We can take care of training your agents and the daily monitoring

  • We can recruit more agents when needed, and focus on

  • interviewing, checking for qualifications, etc.

24/7 support


‌At Integradial we have
certified professionals to offer the best maintenance service
for your platform.

‌We have several alternatives
that allow us to adapt to your operational needs:

7x24. 5x8. Or on demand.

Live Assistance

‌Preventive Maintanence

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‌OTC* = One Time Charge

‌P/M* = Per Month

‌The Price per Agent includes:

  • ‌Manual Dialer, Assisted, Predictive

  • ACD Inbound, IVR, Multi queue

  • TTS and ASR modules

  • Bot systems for automatized messages

  • Call Analytics License (Voice box detection with 97% accuracy)

  • SBC License for automatic and redundant call diversion

  • Call Quality Monitoring License (Apolo)

  • CLOUD Servers License in case for data retrieval after a disaster

  • Includes 24/7 Support Monday through Friday

  • 24/7 Remote Support Monday through Friday giving direct assistance to an agent through a remote connection

  • Emergency Phone Provider (SIP Trunk) in case the Primary Provider falters (Minutes billed separately)

  • Servers at no cost for cloud installation (New and growing services)

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